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Pensioen Cooperatie

Based on the belief that the Dutch pension system is based on solidarity and cooperation, in 2006 Pensioen Cooperatie was born as an organization that aims to reunite pension funds and to provide various services and products to them. The cooperation focuses on management, administrative support and knowledge exchange.


To obtain these results, Pensioen Cooperatie has required an online tool which addresses all their needs - marketing, communication and knowledge base. JustDesign's role has been to create a flexible design that has a modern and professional look which serves as a basis for the Pensioen Cooperatie portal.

Since the target of the portal are people with an average age over 40 years, with limited technical skills, an emphasis was placed on the simplicity and usability of the portal so that it provides easy access to information.

The general look & feel is a corporate one, with a color palette that is easy on the eye. For an increased memorability and recognizability, the blue color was a first choice, due to the cultural association with the tax and financial industry.

The pages contain a header with a discrete animation that doesn't distract attention, and the graphics selection has been chosen together with the client so to obtain the most representative set from a cultural point of view.


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