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Dutch Sustainability Research

DSR is an independent research company based in the Netherlands, which aims to supply reliable information in a standardized format, about the sustainability of companies, with major clients such as institutions, pension funds, banks, professional investors, companies listed on stock exchange and journalists.

Through our partner, Share Dimension, we offered a solution to redesign the layout of the old website. We created a modern image that meets Web 2.0 standards, which manages to successfully express DSR's professionalism.

The overall look is clean, with emphasis on information. In terms of usability, we opted for a predominantly white background, especially in the context of a large volume of textual information. The other two predominant colors - dark blue and green, were an explicit requirement of the client.

The banner at the top of the page is  a subtle, non intrusive Flash animation. The images change randomly at every loading of the page.

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