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WEBfactory re-design

WEBFactory website redesign and implementation was a challenge for our team, because, besides it was very complex in terms of content, also requires the integration of multiple features on the site.

The layout design and the whole website look was created to form a harmonious picture with the company identity elements and logo, preserving the corporate image.

The technology that the website's interactivity is based on, is JQuery a powerful JavaScript platform that enabled us to integrate more multimedia components and functions.

For the pages containing pictures or photo galleries, we integrated an image viewer with FancyBox. Videos files were integrated with an online video player based on Silverlight.

The site has a download area with access based on user name and password, and the registration is done using a simple form.

For this website we change different aspects and add new features depending on the customer demand, desire and need to present visitors some new applications and demos.

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