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No matter what activity field you operate in, we offer complete design solutions ranging from the concept to implementation. We work close with our customers from the beginning of the concept phase, so we can follow or define their marketing strategy. This thing means that besides creation and development we also offer consultancy services.

We consider every client to be expert in his field of work, so we try to meet his needs through creative thinking, eliminating the technical terms and focusing on the business needs.

We develop several types of websites, the most important are:

  • Presentation Websites
  • Corporate Websites (business to business or business to consumer)
  • Commercial Websites
  • Personal Websites

We are a Microsoft registered partner for a few years now. That said, we're working with the latest tools of the trade, as our work revolves aroud building ASP.NET applications for the Windows Server.

All our websites are completely flexible so that the client can modify the posted information and site properties directly. This is possible through SquareCMS - a platform for content management developed by JustDesign. This platform provides a common basis for all sites and at the same time is flexible enough to be adapted by our team for each client. Using this platform allows us to develop projects in a very short time, with a low cost, high stability and flexibility. Website content editing can be done easily, even by people with no technical knowledge, but at the same time it offers advanced features for advanced users who want more control.

All the web sites created by JustDesign are designed from the beginning with SEO in mind. This is possible because:

  • The layout is implemented in a friendly way for search engines (liquid css, no tables, in full compliance with W3C standards)
  • Positioning the textual content in the most relevant way
  • It offers editing mechanisms that guide the user in creating optimized content for search engines
  • Friendly URL's, which significantly contribute to the site's position in search results.

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