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Silverlight Applications

Silverlight, known as an alternative to Flash is Microsoft technology that enables application development RIA (Rich Internet Application). This web application development platform, is more than a flash replacement, and here are some of the advantages / benefits:

  • Web applications developed with Silverlight can achieve a high level of interactivity and complexity due to the functionality provided by ASP.NET platform.
  • With Silverlight can be achieved a variety of web solutions from multimedia components (banners, animations) to complex business applications.
  • It is supported by all browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc..) and operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Microsoft Silverlight enables the creation of graphical interfaces that can be customized to the smallest details. Because it integrates seamlessly with ASP.net silverlight component placed in a website can communicate with it, leaving room for any deployment scenario imagined.

Besides the benefits listed above, Silverlight allows audio and video streaming, so it can be created any video, photo or audio application.

Using Silverlight platform JustDesign created slide shows of pictures for the German company WEBFactory and also several design interfaces for projects made on the same platform: Silver Scheduler, Live Desktop, Foidos.

Also, we work extensively to dedicated enterprise applications based on this technology.

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