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Carpatica Asig - Annual Report 2007

In the middle of 2008, Carpatica Asig asked us to create a professional financial report for 2007. They provided the data and we did all the work, from the design concept to DTP.

After the experience of working with the marketing team from Carpatica Asig, we proposed an optimistic, logical and ergonomic layout, with a modern and professional appearance that emphasizes the positive results presented in the report.

For each section of the report we have carefully chosen representative color themes and images, so that they do not interfere with the text.

For the text pages we have chosen a clean and easy to read design. For pages that contain diagrams or generally less text, we chose to use large and suggestive images. That way, by combining text, images, all linked by color we have managed to create an eye-pleasing custom layout of the entire catalog.


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