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A clean and professional design which provides a more efficient access to large volumes of corporate-specific information is a key element to a strong Internet presence.

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Latest Projects

Website WEBfactory re-design

WEBFactory website redesign and implementation was a challenge for our team, because, besides it was very complex in terms of content, also requires the integration of multiple features on the site.

Design Website | My Loan Smart |  Phoenix USA| real estate website | real estate form

Layout design of the American web site MyLoanSmart.com was developed around a very smart online application  that finds the most cost effective solution to make a loan or a refinancing, depending on many factors. The optimal solution for a face lift company Loan Smart LLC, was to make a complete redesign.

Website design - Share Dimension

Share Dimension is one of the oldest and most reliable of the JustDesign's partners.  With their headquarters in the Netherlands, the main specialty of Share Dimension are tailor-made multimedia applications.

Website design - DSR - Dutch Sustainability Research

DSR is an independent research company based in the Netherlands, which aims to supply reliable information in a standardized format, about the sustainability of companies, with major clients such as institutions, pension funds, banks, professional investors, companies listed on stock exchange and journalists.

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