Branding and Identity

A strong identity makes the difference between being lost in the crowd or standing out.
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Latest Projects

Identity Branding Ervy

First goal Ervy - JustDesign collaboration was to improve the image and identity elements of the German sports fashion manufacturer and specialist for vaulting apparel, leotards, gymnastics wear & fitness. Logo re-design was the first stage.

Identity Parmentier Oass

Parmentier Oass is a Dutch company with headquarters in Haarlem, which offers legal advice, mediation or litigation in court for his clients.

Identity - Casa Antica

Casa Antica (Antic House) is an antiquities exhibition, situated in Sibiu's historical center. Being a very picky customer, Casa Antica wanted more than a standard identity and website solution.

Identity - Pensioen Cooperatie

Starting from the fact that the Dutch Pension system is based on solidarity and cooperation, in 2006 was born Pensioen Cooperation.

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