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Poker Calculator - Flash Application

PokerCollege / PokerNet are some of the largest poker portals dedicated exclusively to the online poker community, targeting Dutch and international players. The main activity is based on promoting the game, playing techniques and poker-related books and films.

In order to provide an interactive simulation, the company turned to JustDesign to create an online multimedia application to calculate the win/lose chances for the players involved in a game. The application was called poker calculator.

Since this tool is used by both beginners and professional players, we created an interface that is both easy to use and ergonomic.

To achieve the best coverage and to be platform independent, the application was made using Flash technology. The code-behind is an ActionScript2 engine, which provided a great deal of flexibility and high performance. The application can interpret more standard notations, runs online and communicates with a series of web services that do the actual math for the chances of winning or losing.

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