Foidos application used to Coke Live Peninsula Festival


Our partner Share Dimension used Foidos, video broadcasting platform built in Silverlight, to deliver live Internet CokeLive Festival.

"Arriving at the seventh edition, the festival CokeLive Peninsula," younger brother "of the famous Sziget in Budapest (both events are organized by Sziget Management), has the best performers so far." - Source:

The application allows for several video streams at the same time, offering visitors the opportunity to choose the most interesting camera and decide what, how and for how long to watch the wanted images.

Team that made this broadcast possible is made up of:

  • Share Dimension - application implementation
  • JustDesign - making design application
  • Provider Hostway Romania's IT infrastructure used (connection, server, datacenter, etc.)
  • Inlet Tehnologies - Spinnaker series video encoders
  • Microsoft Romania and HQ - allowed the use of technology located in Beta stage

The efficiency of this project materialized through live broadcast on the festival main stage for 3 days, for about 4-5 hours a day. Have also been made on demand movies 5.10 overall picture of the festival.

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